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SFr. 896.00

Designed by All the way to Paris

This table set mimic the function of a Russian matryoshka doll; A table, inside a table, inside a table. The table set can be separated from each other, so you get the full enjoyment of the surfaces, and room for an extra guest. The table comes with either a Grey War Lava Stone top or a Monaco Brown Marble top. 

Color & Material
Monaco Brown Marble table top with cedar green steel frame.
Grey Raw Lava Stone table top with navy blue steel frame.

Every table top is unique in structure and color.

Large table: H 41cm x W 57cm x D 37cm
Medium Table: H 36cm x W 47cm x D 37cm
Small Table: H 31cm x W 37cm x D 37cm

Estimated delivery timelines: 2-8 weeks