The Swimmer Poster 30x40 cm

SFr. 45.00

SFr. 35.00

By Vissevasse

Standing on the diving board and gazing into the deep water, you are likely to feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You sense the rough surface of the diving board under your wet feet and take a deep breath, drawing the air all the way into your belly. Even if you have already made the jump many times before. And then you take the leap – whether it means diving into a new chapter in life or just going for a swim. As long as you can stay afloat, you can always make it safely back to land. Do you dare take the leap?

This poster is drawn with license from Tivoli.

Size: 30x40 cm

The posters are printed in Denmark on Swedish eco-friendly paper, 170 g Arctic Silk. 

ViSSEVASSE takes pride in protecting the environment and is honoured to be FSC®-certified