FDB Møbler

J166 Lounge Chair - Oak

SFr. 1,848.00

Designed by Poul M. Volther

There is actually a very cute story behind the J166 Chair. The danish architect Poul M. Volther created the chair with his wife Jørna in mind in the 50s. The aim was to create a comfortable and esthetic chair where she could relax with her knitting. Queen Ingrid of Denmark saw the chair at an exhibition and a second chair was produced especially for her. Whereby the chair got the nickname "The Queens Chair". The chair proved difficult to produce due to the bended wood. However, FDB Møbler decided to re-launch the chair in 2019, and they found a producer in Italy who is capable of bending the wood in exactly the right angels. 

The J166 chair is a spacious armchair with not only room for the long knitting needles, but also the newspaper or laptop. No matter how large the arm movements should be, there is plenty of room in this design classic.

In 1950, Poul M. Volther assumed the position of design supervisor for FDB Møbler after Børge Mogensen. As his predecessor, he also became one of the most iconic furniture makers from the golden age of Danish design, and is amongst others the designer of the famous Corona chair. 

Color & Material
Lacquered oak wood, with textile seating. The textile comes in various different colors and materials, and can be exchanged.   

H: 86 cm x W: 76.5 cm x D: 76.4 cm
Seat height: 30.3 cm

Estimated delivery timelines: 4-12 weeks