FDB Møbler

D102 Søs Coffee Table - Large

SFr. 548.00

Designed by Stine Weigelt

This coffee table have three legs and the fine little detail, where the upper end of the leg meets the edge of the table and forms a small tangent circle makes the table quite unique.

The table comes in 3 sizes: D: 55 cm, D: 70 cm, D: 85 cm. They work perfectly together as insertion tables, as an extra table can easily be found when you need a little extra table space in front of the sofa. 

Color & Material
Lacquered Oak

Smal: H: 37 cm x D: 55 cm
Medium: H: 43 cm x D: 70 cm
Large: H: 40 cm x D: 85 cm

Estimated delivery timelines: 4-12 weeks