Nordic Tales

Bright Moon

Designed by Jesper Hoejgaard

Bright Moon is created by a young danish design company called Nordic Tales and it is produced in Denmark. The pendant embraces its surroundings with its soft contour and ambient light, and hereby it provides a slow paced, yet chic, vibe to its surroundings. The Bright Moon lamp can be transformed into the Bright Spot lamp by simply removing the outer aluminum shell. Henceforth, it is actually 2 lamps in one.

It is the result of an intention to create a floating and naive looking lamp, that transforms its surroundings into a relaxed atmospheric experience. The overall expression is the sum of the meeting between three different materials and forms – a small brass cone, an aluminium shade and an opal glass cap.

Color & Material
The glass cap has an acidized surface, creating a silk soft finish in deep contrast to the shiny brass on the top. The bounding shade has been shaped in aluminium and afterwards powder coated with a structured paint, creating an extra light absorbing surface, making the shade almost looking two dimensional.
Features: 3-meter textile cord
Bulb Fitting: E27

Ø30 cm x 24 cm

Estimated delivery timelines: 2-5 days